How Protecting Your Beef Cattle Australia to the Veterinary Clinic Routinely Can Save Your Business

Yes, checking your beef cattle Australia to the Health Care Clinic is Important for Your Livelihood. Every cow should be regularly examined in cattle veterinary clinic. It's a place where you will learn so many things on the care of the beef cattle. According to health recommendation for cattle, you do not have to wait until they are severely sick to go to the clinic. In order to keep them healthy and fit, you need to schedule your time to get valuable advice from the veterinarian.

Not only it is an essential thing for your cattle’s well-being, but it's also for the sake of supporting your capabilities to improve your resources for a sustainable economy in cattle farming. To succeed in your livelihood in this business. Whether you run your farming business on a small scale or on a big scale, you may cope with any problems related to health care for your beef cattle Australia with animal’s expert. Some services that are available in the cattle veterinary clinic, such as:


1. Cattle Health Care; This facility can help you with many things. From taking care of your beef cattle Australia from worm disease, vaccination protocols, or upgrade the cattle to be more healthy and fit. Other additional features are helping farmers to maximize the production of your cattle, palpation, daily routine checking, or give a solution to designing a good type of feeding or drink containers.


2. Treatment for Sick beef cattle Australia ; Every cattle which is sick or suffering from the disease can get urgent treatment. The veterinarian will suggest you some medication or treatment based on the level of condition.


3. Reproduction Services and Labor for Cattle; It is a good facility for helping farmer when beef cattle Australia need help in pregnancy or labor. Veterinarians will suggest you how to cope with cattle breeding.


4. Laboratory; The laboratory has a comprehensive methodology to check the disease which is suffered from your beef cattle Australia. Checking blood, urine testing, bacteria, other samples for diagnosis research, etc.


5. Surgical Services; Some big veterinary provides the most advanced treatment with technology. For example, they can help to do surgery of organs and part of the body in cattle.




Cattle as ruminant animals often suffer from diseases. Disease in cattle makes you fail to sell beef products to consumers. Any failures because of disease in cattle are a big loss for cattle farmers, even if only for one cow. But the authorities for slaughtering and health authorities will ban sick cattle from being slaughtered and their beef meat will not be sold in the market. This is for consumer protection efforts. Starting here, understanding the problem of diseases that commonly occur in cattle is very necessary. You need to know what diseases threaten a cow.





1. Anthrax; It is caused by Bacillus anthraxis. This disease is very dangerous and can easily transmit to humans that can lead to sudden death.

2. Worm disease; It is caused by worms which exist inside the body. Some worms that threat the beef cattle Australia are including Fasciola hepatica, Taenia saginata, or Taenia solium. Symptoms of intestinal worms include: loss of weight, appetite, distended stomach, looked pale and weak, and suffering diarrhea.

3. Foot and Mouth disease (FMD); It is caused by a virus. Signs of this disease include high fever, loss of appetite, and a lot of saliva. There are wounds you can find in between nails. So, the beef cattle Australia often look weak and can't even walk at all.

4. Septicaemia epizootica; It is a disease caused by Pasteurella multocida. Symptoms of this disease include: swelling under the jaw and in the throat area, swollen tongue and sticking out, mouth open and foamy, difficult to breathe, and snoring out loud.

5. Ruminal tympany or bloating; It is caused by excessive gas accumulation in the rumen. The signs of this disease are: The abdomen on the left is enlarged (trapped gas inside), the waist is slightly bent, the breath is short and fast. It must be taken care as soon as possible because it can cause death in cattle.

6. Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis disease (Pink Eye in Cattle): It is an acute eye disease that spreads to cattle, sheep, and goats. The symptoms are a pair of eyes looked reddish. Although this disease does not cause death, it can cause big losses to cattle farmers. Cattle will suffer from blindness, decreased weight and medical costs are very expensive.



All of these diseases are one of the obstacles in raising these animals. Therefore, as a cattle farmer, you need to prevent disease by checking them out at the cattle Veterinary clinic. In reverse, you need to let a veterinary visit to your farm area regularly.

While the characteristics of a healthy cow can be seen from the organs of beef cattle Australia. Does the organ function work properly or not? In addition, you also need to see whether the blood and body fluids flow smoothly? Is there a blockage? Is there swelling in one part of the body?

If you don't know much about what a healthy cow is like, you can ask when visiting a veterinarian in who is in charge of helping you care for the cattle. Veterinarians from a trusted clinic can also help you identify any symptoms that are signs of disease in cattle.

Cattle’s health is strongly influenced by various factors. Starting from environmental factors, humidity, weather, genetics, airflow, sunlight exposure, or contagious disease from other cows. Any suspicion that you see in your cattle must be responded quickly so that the disease is immediately detected and treated before it spreads to other parts of the body.




To sum up, taking regular health care checking in veterinary clinic is important for saving a lot of things. It can save your ruminants from the deathly disease. It can save your expenses. It can save your business from a big loss. It can save you from a headache. It can save your livelihood for your future growth of cattle farm. And it only works well if you cooperate with experts in health care of cattle to support your livestock well-being.

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