This Cow Lives in A Landfill

At the garbage dump on Piyungan, Bantul, Jogjakarta, there are many cows and goat stroll around and eat the trash. Based on the observation, organic and non-organic trashes in the landfill become the main menu of those animals everyday. Edi Suryadi, the lecturer of the faculty of Animal Husbandry in Gadjah Mada University said to the people that they don’t need to buy any cow which was farmed in the dirty environment because those animals might be contaminated by diseases.


Don’t Eat Any Meat from Cows that Live in The Landfill

Edi says that cow which eats trash is the source of disease. Those animals that live in the landfill and eat trash are probably contaminated with germ and the meat can contain dangerous heavy metal. The meat for human consumption has to be healthy and hygienic. The meat is not only containing the heavy metal but they have the high risk to get infected by virus and bacteria which is dangerous for health. Edi reveals that meat consumption has reached 2,56 kg every year though Indonesia is still far behind Malaysia that has about 15 kg per year of the meat consumption.

In Indonesia, there is a religion celebration called Eid Al-Adha or known as “Hari Raya Kurban”. There are many people who give and donate cows and goat at that day and those animals will be slaughtered and the meat will be delivered to the poor people. Before Eid Al-Adha, it is better for people to call Animal Husbandry Department or veterinarian to check on the animals and examine them whether they are healthy or not. To know the real condition of the animals before and after being slaughtered, they need to do ante mortem and postmortem examination.

The Research and Community Service Institutions of Sebelas Maret University in Solo did the research in 2015, they found chemical ingredients or known as lead substance over the safety level inside the cows that eat trash. Pranoto as the lecturer from faculty of Mathematic and Science at Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta said inside his research on the cows that eat trash whose meats are consumed by human can cause indigestion. If you consume it longer, it can cause cancer, premature aging and decrease the endurance.

He said that chemical substance inside the meat can affect children’s health. In his research, he found the chemical substance in high amount in the cows that eat trash on landfill Putri Cempo, Mojosongo, Surakarta. Those cows can’t be consumed especially for the Eid Al-Adha. The result of the research based on the sample in 2017 showed the same result as the previous researches which was the chemical substance is so high over the safety level. The National Agency of Drug and Food Control or BPOM set the level of Pb about 1 ppm or part per million.

The research showed that 13 to 17 ppm of Pb substance was found in the cows that eat old trash and around 1,46 to 1,7 ppm for cows that eat new trash. The result is different from the one conducted in 2016. It showed around 15 ppm for cows that eat old trash and around 1,4 for new trash. However, no matter how much the chemical substance is, people are suggested not to consume any meat from the cows or other animals that live in the landfill because it is dangerous for health.

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